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Goodbye, everyone! This is Wendy, signing out.

It’s been fun, but the Summer semester is over, so I am done here. I hope I helped out everyone in some way! 

Get motivated. 
Stay motivated.
And do work!

Thanks for all the new followers! I’m really glad you guys found us. :)  

All Rec classes, the Pine gym, and the pool will be closed until Fall semester begins.
Between break the 620 gym is still open 6am - 10pm!
Cheers! Hope to see you guys there!  

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15 Tips To Avoid The Dreaded Freshman 15 

You may think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” Oh trust me, it’ll try. It’ll try really hard. So be prepared! 

1. Walk whenever and wherever you can on campus. Your campus may be big or small, hilly or flat, but regardless: it’s probably walkable. Do your best to take the long way when you can.

2. Join an intramural sports team. Never played rugby or softball before? Who cares! Intramural sports can be a fun way to learn a new sport, meet people, and stay healthy during your time at school.

3. Use the campus gym. It’s most likely free, or very cheap. Make the most of it while you can.

4. Get a workout partner. Not good at always making it to that 8:00 a.m. spin class? Find someone else who is interested in attending on a regular basis, and help hold each other accountable.

5. Choose diet soda instead of regular. You might be surprised at how quickly all of those calories add up!

6. Eat a salad (or a piece of fruit, or a healthy side veggie) with whatever else you grab for dinner. And do it every time.

7. Eat a healthy breakfast. Your mom was right: your day does go better when you eat a good breakfast. Avoid the donuts and grab some oatmeal to go.

8. Keep healthy snacks in your room. Even if you don’t have a fridge in your room, you can still keep pretzels, fruit (dried or fresh), healthy nuts, and energy bars on hand.

9. Don’t get dessert every time you eat. True, the dining hall may have unlimited self-serve ice cream, but that doesn’t mean you should eat it every night.

10. If you’re going to order food late at night, make smart choices. Up late studying with your roommate and want to order pizza? Choose cheese only instead of loading up on toppings.

11. Do something physical every weekend. Go for a run, join a pick-up game, play Ultimate Frisbee with some friends. Just get your body moving.

12. Walk when you go off campus. Are your friends and you heading to a nice, neighborhood restaurant to get away for a while? If you can, try walking as a group instead of hopping in a car.

13. Let yourself splurge every once in a while. Giving in to the self-serve ice cream machine is fine, as is the donut you are craving for breakfast, as long as you don’t do it every day. But youdo deserve a treat every once in a while!

14. Drink water throughout the day. Do you go for 8 hours straight, from work to class to your club meeting to work again? Bring a water bottle with you to make sure you stay hydrated — and healthy.

15. Don’t go long periods without eating. Running around all day, only to realize you haven’t eaten in a long time, isn’t good for your body. It also may increase the likelihood that you’ll eat what’s first available, instead of the food and nutrients your body needs. If you know you have a long day coming, pack some snacks ahead of time so your body has the fuel it needs to keep up with that big, college-educated brain of yours.

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Freshman Tips to help make your first year and transition easier :)
Here are some really amazing tips that I wish I had read my Freshman year here at AAU. Now that I’m done, I want to pass on what I can to anyone who still needs some tips and advice to get through the first year or the rest of the years left in college. 

Take a moment to read through these. I bolded the parts that I think are most important. Cheers and I hope everyone has a great Fall semester!! :) 
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Not all fats are bad. Try to add these healthy fats to your meal next tim you’re in the cafeteria or going out to eat! :)

Not all fats are bad. Try to add these healthy fats to your meal next tim you’re in the cafeteria or going out to eat! :)

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Try these moves next time you go to the gym! 

Try these moves next time you go to the gym! 

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Ha, can you see me? :P

Ha, can you see me? :P

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